Cancer and the Workplace

With more than 8000 people diagnosed with cancer every year across our region, there are few employers who are not affected by cancer in some way.

How can Big C help your organisation?

Organisations have a vital role to play in providing a caring and supportive work environment to improve the wellbeing of those individuals affected. The normality of everyday life is vital and the workplace is a big part of this for many. Big C offers support to local businesses, providing support and education opportunities.

Understanding how cancer may impact on staff and colleagues in your workplace can help you to provide them with the right support at work. For your teams, going through cancer with a colleague is something that will affect their wellbeing and a supportive work environment will make all the difference. We can help your organisation achieve this.

We can help you ensure your staff wellbeing is fully supported, with a variety of support, including:

  • Talking to teams and colleagues on cancer specific subjects, e.g. symptom awareness and the different types of cancer.
  • Supporting your HR team on topics such as the emotional and physical effects of cancer, employees returning to work and, the effect on the wider team and more.
  • Provide support and information in helping people deal with managing end of life care.
  • 1:1 support for someone affected by cancer either at a Big C Centre or in the working environment.
  • Hosting education days with Simon Gooch, Big C’s Health and Education officer, to help your employees learn more about cancer.

If you would like to find out about Big C can support your workplace, download our informational brochure below or get in touch at

Cancer in the workplace

An informational leaflet about the services we can provide to businesses who are interested in learning more about cancer and/or may have a member of staff who has been affected by cancer.