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Broads Walk Challenge 25, 50 and 90k Trek

The Broads Walk Challenge offers the perfect location for one of the best river walks in the UK. This National Park is beautiful with a unique habitat, offering fantastic wildlife and beautiful country views. It has quiet country lanes, well-maintained tracks, paths and nature trails such as the Weavers Way. You will find yourself trekking through gently rolling countryside following the winding rivers and waterways as they make their way out to sea.

Saturday 15th June
10:00 am start time

Join us at this event as a Big C Supporter! We’re thrilled to be part of this exciting new event for Norfolk, celebrating and appreciating the fantastic Norfolk Broads.

This is a fully supported event by InspireRaces, and offers a unique experience with the Broads National Park.

Discounted Big C Charity Places

Big C Supporters can take part in this challenge with discounted Big C Places.

  • 25KM Route: £5 Entry Fee + £175 sponsorship
  • 50KM Route: £10 Entry Fee + £240 sponsorship
  • 90KM Route: £15 Entry Fee + £300 sponsorship

These treks promise quiet country lanes, well maintained tracks and stunning nature trails such as the Weavers Way. You will traverse through rolling countryside whilst following the rivers and waterways. You can walk, jog or run these routes, entering as an individual or group.

25km Route

Hickling to Acle. The largest of the Broads, Hickling Broad is a year-round haven for wildlife. Walk along its trails and take in the beauty of the area.

50km Route

Aylsham to Acle. A beautiful hike that hosts breaktaking views of wide skies and winding waterways.

90km Route

A challenging circular trek that starts and finishes in Acle, taking in all the fantastic aspects that the National Park offers.

Find out more or sign-up for a Big C Charity space email here. 

Discounted Big C Places