Archant Assemble! Our Big C Mission

Over the next 12 months members of multiple Archant departments are making a super effort to participate in fundraising activities + raise donations for The Big C, Norfolk's Cancer Charity.

Pretty please support us in our efforts by donating anything you can - everything we raise will help The Big C in their relentless fight against this disease and their incredible support for those who have been affected by it.

Thank you so much, and lots of love

Archant x

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Target amount : £5000
Currently raised : £381

What I’m doing:

Throughout the next year we'll be running tons of fundraising activities for The Big C - everything from hikes and bake sales to Inflatable 5k runs. This page is to document our progress and to (very gratefully!) accept donations.

Why I’m fundraising:

8,000 people in Norfolk are diagnosed with cancer each year. Archant is home to many staff members (and their families and friends) who have been deeply affected by this illness. This is a cause that is close to so many of our hearts and we will do everything we can to raise support for The Big C and their amazing work.

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