Lauren Mackenzie Yorkshire 3 Peaks

I have, fortunately, had no personal experience of losing someone close to me from Cancer. However, it does not mean that it has not, or will not, affect my life. Cancer is one of the biggest killers in our world, and if I can support this wonderful charity to help those in my local community cope with the harsh reality of life with "The Big C", then I know I have done something right. The wonderful work done by charities is only possible if we all help out in our own little way. This is my small, but necessary, contribution.

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Target amount : £100
Currently raised : £330

What I’m doing:

I have agreed to participate in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, which will incorporate me walking 24 miles in 12 hours. This may sound doable and easy...until you factor in the 5000ft ascent! Hopefully, being joined by a group of other keen walkers, I will be dragged through to the end successfully. All in the name of charity!!

Why I’m fundraising:

If I am honest...I don't really know why I am doing this! There are plenty of other ways to raise money for charity that would not involve me trawling up three mountains in 12 hours. However, what could be more fun than subjecting other people to my incessant moaning in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales?!
In all seriousness though, I have always loved a challenge, and if I am able to help raise even a small amount of money for charity, then it will make this particular challenge all the more memorable and worth it. We all do enough things in our lives for selfish reasons, I know I definitely do, so to be able to give something back is the least I can do.

Recent Donations

Katie Cooper
Good luck Lauren! X
diane bedwell
good luck!
Nina Gottfried
Good on ya girl! No doubt it will be a long and gruelling trek, but doing it for such a worthwhile cause will make it a little easier! Good luck xx
Carly Plunkett
Best of luck Lauren! A fantastic cause and no doubt you will enjoy the challenge 😃 xx
Matthew Hall
Dont forget to enjoy the view xx good luck
Nichola Harrison
Are you taking Jake with you for company 😜.
anonymous donor
Great reasoning. ✅
pauline mackenzie
Good luck.
Susan Houlihan
Good luck, loving the thought of you moaning all the way 👍
Frances Peters
Good Luck!!
Sharon Johnson
Natasha Cooper
Good luck Lauren & Jake, don't die out there, we need our captain back in one piece 😆 xx
Emma Price
Good Luck!
Irene Smith
Good luck xx
Scott Mackenzie
‘If you don’t scale the mountain, you can’t view the plain’
Graham Beales
Good luck Lauren
Jo Hutchings
Good luck Lauren. Hope you have lots of fun doing it xx
Rosanna Lynch
Anything to win the Fitbit challenge...
Charlotte Godden
Good luck Lauren 😄 xx
Daniel Phoenix
Good luck Lauren! Love Daniel, Alex & Freddie xx
Maria Hannant
Good luck Lauren xx
Kevin Gooding
Good luck, Lauren 🙂
Heidi Kemp
Good luck, love Heidi x
Bernadette Lovett
Brilliant cause close to my heart. Get your boots on girl and show them peaks what you're made of 😉 x
James Miller
Good luck lauren. You’l ‘smash it’! RIP nanny pat x
Jodie Cameron
Good luck Lauren!