Ria’s Broads 90K

This is a local charity that provides much needed support to those diagnosed with Cancer and their families ensuring they get the help and advice they need.

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Target amount : £300
Currently raised : £0

What I’m doing:

I am taking part in a 90K ultra across the Norfolk Broads on 12 June 2021.

Why I’m fundraising:

I have been running regularly for a couple of years, simply to allow me to consume calorie guilt free! I had regularly run 10 miles just 'because I could' and had complete some half marathons with the thinking if you can run 10miles, you can run 13.2miles. Then I started thinking, "If you can run 13 miles, then you can run 26miles" so I did a marathon. Carrying on with my "If you can run...." ideology, I then thought "well, if I can run 26miles, then I can probably do longer" and then the Broads Ultra popped up. My friend had mentioned it to me the day before and I thought "this is meant to be" so I signed up for the 90K thinking that it needs to be challenging!
I chose the Big C charity as they have been so incredibly supportive to families suffering through the trauma of Cancer, a disease which affects so many people, not just the victims of the illness itself but their parent's, partners and children.

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