My beautiful friend died in 2015 from pancreatic cancer. I've always wanted to fund raise in her memory. Update to summary.

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Target amount : £500
Currently raised : £0

What I’m doing:

A parachute jump.

Why I’m fundraising:

I've been meaning to do one for well over 25 years, but always lacked the courage. I turned 50 this year and at the beginning of the year, a friend agreed to do it with me to provide support, however it was meant to be in May, a target we have missed, due to getting cold feet! But it IS now or never! And it makes sense to raise money for the cause that ended my friends life at the young age of 42. I haven't discussed this with her husband yet as it's the anniversary of her death, so will leave her details out until I have his consent. I will fund my own jump, so any money raised goes to charity. My target is £1,000 to be shared 50% each between the BigC and Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Fundraising updates

2nd fundraising update. Edit update to summary.

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