The BIG 500

If you are lucky, you get go through life believing that things such as cancer only happen to others. Indeed, the longer you get to go through life untouched by things such as cancer then arguably the luckier you have been.

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Target amount : £5000
Currently raised : £760

What I’m doing:

Peter, Patrick, Mark, Greg, Jason and Nick will be cycling 500 miles, in no more than five days, from Scotland back to Norfolk.

Why I’m fundraising:

Essentially because we are able-bodied and able to and so why not. A recent catalyst has been the diagnosis and treatment of a relative in Scotland for Breast Cancer; hence our journey starting from Dunfermline in Scotland and more locally a parent receiving treatment for Prostate Cancer and the ongoing support he receives from The Big C.

Recent Donations

Bryan Baxter
09/12/2019 - Great cause! Good luck with your mad adventure!!
Phil Steele
23/01/2020 - I’ll be watching how quick you pedal to get out of Scotland unscathed!! 😎
Kevin Dunning
24/01/2020 - Good luck Peter and team. A fantastic cause very close to home at the moment! . I hope my bike makes it!!!👍🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏆
Scott Daniels
27/01/2020 - Wishing you guys all the best for a great cause from all at DANCO!
Graham Lewis
27/01/2020 - Good luck with your 500 mile quest, we look forward to hearing your stories and safe return. Gary P. EFire
Rob Silver
30/01/2020 - Good luck with the pedalling 🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️
Paddy Hann
02/02/2020 - Good luck, just keep pedalling for a great cause, Paddy and Lesa x
Caroline Roberts
03/02/2020 - Well done Peter & co. We are looking forward to some nice long training rides! Caroline & Jules Roberts
Wayne Ewer
05/02/2020 - Keep pedalling
Julian Roberts
05/02/2020 - I hope the wind and rain are behind you!
David Clarke
12/02/2020 - Good luck Peter and co! All the best for the 500 miles. David Clarke and all here at Leathes Prior
Chris Simpkin
18/02/2020 - Good Luck Peter and team! A mad idea for a great cause, All the best Chris, Sabina along with the team from Crocodile
Mark Randall
03/03/2020 - Take it steady and ride safe Peter (& Co), hopefully your legs will remember all those Monday night rides. Good luck!
Barbara Fenn
15/03/2020 - Good luck Peter
Nichola Garner
21/05/2020 - A very worthy cause.Thanks to Peter, Patrick and the team at Stobart and Hurrell for all their help selling my house recently.