Virtual London Marathon…Round 2!

Virtual London Marathon Part 2! Again, I have given myself the task of running a marathon for the absolutely amazing charity that is The Big C! Thank you for your continued support. You guys are amazing!!!

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Target amount : £250
Currently raised : £200

What I’m doing:

I will again be partaking in the Virtual London Marathon this year (2021) on the 3rd of October! It was one of the hardest things I have ever completed in my life so far, the blood sweat and tears was all worth it to support such an amazing charity. The pain I went through for that brief period of time was nothing in comparison to the hurt and pain that cancer patients and their families receive throughout their lives. And so anything I can do to help these families in anyway possible then I will!

Why I’m fundraising:

Last year was an amazing experience for me, and together we raised a massive £2800 for The Big C. I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for this charity, it was truly amazing. The Big C has been so instrumental not just in my life but many lives within the county, providing support to many families affected by cancer. Not only do they support families, they also fund research projects of which I was lucky enough to experience last summer. So I am so grateful for the opportunities this amazing charity has provided me and so many others with.

Recent Donations

Ethan Beckett
19/09/2021 - I am so proud of you Lewis and your fundraising, this year is even more important than ever. Without people like you there would not be the resources and treatment for people who need it. You are an inspiration. Good luck love you xxx
Jake Pye
19/09/2021 - A great cause Go on Bidgie!
Louis Holmes
Victoria Smart
20/09/2021 - Great cause ❤
Oliver Rust
20/09/2021 - Good luck and go smash it sir. Rusty 💛💙.
shirley wardale
20/09/2021 - Good luck Lewis. Hope it will be a little easier this time. Love Grandma.
ramon wardale
20/09/2021 - Hope you have a good run Superman! Will be with you at various points to support you. Grandad
Cerys Morey
21/09/2021 - Good luck Lewis! 🤩