Leia’s Blog: Shop carefree and sustainably with Big C

In the current climate, how we shop and what we shop for is changing.

Due to the increased awareness of climate change and pollution, we are all becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint and the effect of our everyday actions have on the environment.

Luckily, shopping in a Big C charity shop is one way to produce less waste, and when you shop with us you can be content in knowing everything is recycled!

Often, customers ask us – what happens to unwanted items?

If an item doesn’t end up selling after being on our shelves for a few months, we recycle it by sending it to another of our Big C shops or we send it to our Distribution Centre in Wymondham.

The Distribution Centre receives all unwanted and unsold items from our Big C shops and then redistributes them to other stores so that these items have another chance to find a new home. This is always an ongoing cycle, and we always look to make the most of every single item so that we can be as sustainable as possible.

Giving items a new lease of life is a wonderful thing to do and sometimes items will sell better in a different shop, with a different type of consumer. By refreshing our stock and moving items around to other Big C shops, we avoid wasting and throwing away donations that come in.

Sometimes charity shops get items in donations that they can’t sell or use and most people assume that these belongings just get thrown away. However Big C makes it a priority not to be wasteful.

Unfit clothes go to East London Textiles (ELT), a charity which recycles used textiles, and then are picked up by another company who can use them. Big C receives a small profit from ELT for sending them not-fit-to-sell textiles and clothing. That way the both charities benefits and ELT can continue their mission in recycling textiles.

Big C will always try to make the most out of everything, even if we can’t sell it. So next time you worry about your carbon footprint, shop guilt free with Big C.

Our charity shops are always happy to take your pre-loved items such as bric-a-brac, gently worn clothing, unwanted furniture and more. Find your local Big C charity shop by visiting our website at: http://www.big-c.co.uk/get-involved/shop-at-a-big-c-shop.aspx