Natasha’s Story

Big C has assisted my family and I in coping with our change of lives as well as making us aware our feelings and emotions are not trivial. The thoughts that go through your head once being diagnosed with cancer are awful. Natasha, a claims handler at our valued Big C corporate supporter, Alan Boswell, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer a year ago in August 2016.

Pictured: Natasha Cox
I personally started to get personal things sorted out such as wills, insurances, finances etc. I had almost written my life off at the age of 42, but Big C made me realise that there is life after cancer. I don’t know how I would have got through the last 12 months without Big C.

Natasha was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive breast cancer and had a series of chemotherapy sessions. She was then told that she had a 50-90% chance of developing a new primary breast cancer within the next two years. Subsequently, earlier this year, she made a brave decision to have a double mastectomy in order to reduce the risk of a relapse. There is also a chance that she may have to have her ovaries and tubes removed, depending on the outcome of genetic testing.

Sadly Natasha’s family was struck further by cancer in December 2016 when her Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Her Dad’s cancer wasn’t able to be treated by chemotherapy or radiotherapy and so he had to undergo surgery the following March. Natasha told us: “It was very touch and go as to whether he would pull through but I am pleased to say that he is on the road to recovery.”

Needless to say, Natasha has had a great amount to deal with during her ordeal over the past year. Natasha’s family, friends and work colleagues took the news of her cancer very hard yet everyone rallied round to support her as much as they possibly could. She told us about her experience with the Big C during her fight.

“Big C Centre in Norwich became a place where my family and I could recuperate during this difficult time. The staff are all so friendly and experienced and were very understanding to us all. It’s such a relaxed environment. They offered me so much I don’t know where to begin. Everything from counselling, welfare advice, Look Good, Feel Better Days, family therapy, relaxation groups, headwear options, Healthy Matter Days, library help, nutrition workshops, Carers’ Club and the HOPE Course. I was astounded by the sheer amount of support on offer.”

“The whole family have been in limbo for the last year or so and Big C has been a great support to us all. Having someone who isn’t related or known to the family to just to talk to has been priceless. I personally have met and made friends with some very strong, amazing people through Big C whom have suffered various forms of cancer.”

Big C was already Alan Boswell Group’s ‘Charity of the Year’ when Natasha was diagnosed and the company, including Natasha herself, decided to create even more ways to raise funds, raising a phenomenal £33,500 in 2016. We are delighted to have also been named Alan Boswell’s charity of the year for a second time in 2017.