Volunteering case studies

Hear about volunteering from some of #TeamBigC

Big C Volunteer Marina
Big C Volunteer Marina

Big C Volunteer in the Dereham shop, Marina

“I have been volunteering for the Big C since 2014. It’s an excellent local charity, helping the good folk of Norfolk & Waveney. The results of the funds collected can be seen over the County.

Sadly, losing my Mum to cancer, made me want to give something back and as my background is in sales and retail, volunteering in a shop seemed an excellent solution, hence Big C, where hopefully, I am putting my old skills to good use!   

I love all aspects or retail, from filling the racks and shelves to helping the customers, by finding them a good outfit, a good book or a special ornament. I also enjoy chatting to regulars (and there are many) listening to their stories of life, love and sadly cancer … and how the Big C helped, by being there. I sometimes do the windows and am more than happy, when we’ve dressed a window, only to sell everything within a few hours; you know you are getting it right!

The first day I worked in the Dereham Shop (nearly lost in the mists of time) was fun. It was good to get the brain ticking over. I was quickly shown round, it’s a small shop, briefed on the fire exit and meeting point, then popped straight on the till, with a fellow volunteer to keep an eye … The rest is history, as they say.

The shop feels very Covid safe to work in; we have a hand sanitizer by the door and a perspex screen round the till. 99% of customers use the hand sanitizer and everyone is masked up! Customers are happy to wait outside if the shop gets busy inside.

I would say to prospective volunteers, come join us, help us to help your fellow Norfolkians, you can do as much as you want or feel capable of, think of all the assistance you will be giving and the funds we can collect, by just by doing a few hours.”

Big C Volunteer in the Dereham Shop, Marina

Big C Volunteer Richard
Big C Volunteer Richard

Big C Volunteer in the Magdalen Street shop, Richard

“I first volunteered for Big C last year after the first lockdown. I decided to volunteer for a cancer charity particularly as I have lost so many family members and friends to it.

I enjoy many aspects of my role there including interacting with the public and my fellow co-workers. The atmosphere in the shop is highly professional although we still manage to have a laugh.

My work there involves sorting donations and pricing. I am also till trained so I can take over and relieve the managers when the shop gets busy. 

My first day was well managed covering all aspects of the job including health and safety. It made me keen to go back and learn more.

I would definitely recommend volunteering to other people as it is a flexible way of using up some spare time.

The shop environment is as safe as it can possibly be although, of course, most of it is down to common sense.”

Big C Volunteer in the Magdalen Street shop, Richard

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