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Simon Scott-Greenard

In memory of Simon Scott-Greenard

Simon was only 36 when he died, only 21 days after being diagnosed with renal cancer. We were lucky. We had 15 very happy years of marriage and three beautiful children.

I know that Simon took comfort in being able to stay at home, in his own bed. He was able to take some control in something he had no control over. He hoped, as I do, that everyone should be so lucky. Thomasina Scott-Greenard

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Jane Kruber
Annette Jubb
22/09/2013 - Wishing Thomasina and Steve lots of love and happiness for the future Annette and Nev xxxxx
Tracey Johnson
22/09/2013 - Love and best wishes Tracey, Michelle and Girls XXXX
Sue Gray
21/09/2013 - With love and best wishes on your wedding day, Sue Paul Francesca Sophie and Ben xx
Sally Moore
21/09/2013 - Best wishes on your special day.
Anonymous donor
21/09/2013 - For Thomasina and Steve in memory of Simon. Much love, Uncle Brian and Auntie Brenda xxxx
Lisa Gedge
21/09/2013 - In memory of Simon to mark the happy occasion of Thomasina's marriage to Steve. Still always in our thoughts. The Gedges of Norwich xxx
Emily Young
20/09/2013 - With lots of love from Emily, Jamie and Archie xx
Laurel Young
20/09/2013 - With love from Laurel and Scott xxx
Andrea Teasdale
19/09/2013 - With love to a very special family on the wedding of Thomasina and Steve. In memory of dear Simon always in our thoughts. Love The Teasdales xxx
M Dyble
19/09/2013 - With love Michaela and Neil xx
Chris Doughty
16/09/2013 - Love Chris x
Dana Middleton
16/09/2013 - With love form Dana, Steve and Archie xxx
John Young
08/09/2013 - To celebrate the wedding of our dear friend Thomasina to Steve with love from Sarah, John and Harry x
Janet Moore
07/09/2013 - From Barbara Gough as a tribute to Simon Scott-Greenard on the marriage of Thomasina and Steve - 21st September 2013